Public Affairs

  • Positioning institutes, companies, and individuals in society and politics.
  • Political policy management and agenda setting.
  • Preparing briefings.
  • Developing dialogue and discourse skills.
  • Forming networks with political decision makers.
  • Support in media relations.

Brand Management

  • Analysis and positioning of company and product brands.
  • Developing value propositions and claims.
  • Developing mission statements and overall brand concepts.
  • Developing corporate stories.
  • Developing values and core messages.

Strategic Communications

  • Developing integrated PR campaigns and communications strategies.
  • Inferring a corporate story and core messages.
  • Adapting storylines tied to specific topics and forms of media.
  • Media training and ghostwriting speeches and signed articles.
  • Positioning companies in media (business, politics, entertainment news).
  • Positioning of messages from political foundations and initiatives in TV and print media.
  • Developing online and social media campaigns.